I’m on a journey to financial freedom and personal discovery. This is where I share my ideas and experiences in hopes of helping other kick-ass people, entrepreneurs, and go-getters live their dreams. I’m not here to share cheesy tips everyone else has already talked about or sell you a bullshit “Become a Millionaire in Two Weeks” course. If you love practical advice from real experiences with a hint of sarcasm – you’ve stumbled across a great place.

I am currently just blogging about personal stories and lessons as they hit me in the face so timing of content will vary. What you can expect though is honest and sincere posts of my real experiences – wins and losses alike.

Take it or leave it, I am not an expert at anything. I’m just the guy willing to try new things with or without confidence. Follow along and let me be your guinea pig, hopefully it helps you along your journey too!

Simple facts about me:

I live in San Diego.

I have a degree in Business from SDSU.

I currently work in corporate sales (transitioning out).

Working towards becoming a real estate investor.